We all know someone who is or has suffered from either Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

The rise in cases is continuing to skyrocket, and now that the baby boomers are reaching the age of needing additional care, whether that be in home or going into a facility, we need to understand how to care for them and also what we need to do to prevent it for generations ahead.

I am not a researcher, nor do I claim to be, but I am going to provide some anecdotal evidence for you to sit and think about.

The first thing you must do is understand research, and that it costs a lot of money to do research.

Only company’s that are very profitable through a product have that kind of money i.e. pharmaceutical companies, coca cola, oil companies etc.

Now, if they did a study that said that their medications, beverages, or fuel were not beneficial and potentially harmful, do you think they would release that study and their findings to the world?

I don’t think so!

Now, there is a book available on amazon called “How To Lie With Statistics”

I would bet a pretty significant amount of my retirement fund that a company with that kind of money could skew any of their research findings (using the principals from “How To Lie With Statistics”) to make it look like their product are not only safe, but it is also very helpful.

At this point, i’m diving down a rabbit hole that is not the point of this post, but I digress…

So, lets look at what happened back in the early 1900’s which was when life really started to change for people.

The agricultural revolution was beginning which moved food from being bought at local markets into “supermarkets.”

Food also went from being grown in classic farming practices, such as crop rotation and combining multiple crops such as Three Sisters.

The invention of the automobile sped up transport of food and other goods (Lets say tropical fruits, for example) to be transported to the north when a few short years before, northerners would not have been able to get oranges and pineapples before they went bad.

Tin/Aluminum foil was invented in 1910.

Teflon, the nonstick coating used on pots and pans was invented in 1938.

Microwaves were invented back in the 1940’s which allowed for quick “TV Dinners” to be packages and sold and eaten on the go.

There were 2 vaccines recommended to people in 1940, 19 in 1980 and as of 2015, there were a recommended number of 36+. (many of which use aluminum as adjuvants)

Mercury has been known as a toxic heavy metal for years (remember playing with it on the science lab tables?) but only recently have they been phased out.

Our food system moved from traditional farming practices that allowed the soils health to regenerate to mono-crops.

Cooking with aluminum/tin foil and aluminum or teflon pots and pans which evidence at least shows a correlation between the use of and health concerns.

Playing with toxic heavy metals such as lead fishing weights and lead paint and mercury in thermometers (which the body doesn’t have a means of detoxifying itself.)

…and the ever so controversial topic of vaccines being used potentially in excess and the aluminum often used as adjuvants.

Again, I acknowledge the fact that this is only anecdotal evidence and is most certainly not proof that these things cause Alzheimer’s and dementia, however I ask you to sit for a few moments and consider it.

I do not believe for one second that any of these inventions were used to intentionally harm people.

I would suggest that Alzheimer’s and dementia are caused by heavy metal toxicity, lack of nutrients from the food we are eating, toxicity from all of the plastics that we eat and drink out of, food colorings and flavorings, fluoride in the water (which is a neurotoxin, was first added to municipal water sources in 1945, Grand Rapids, Michigan being the first municipality) and other environmental toxins such as pesticides.

You cannot prove me wrong, nor can you prove me right, but if you look at all the changes over the last 100 or so years, both environmentally as well as our nations health, the correlation is too strong to deny!

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