The number 1 question I get asked when it comes to health is how to lose excess weight.

Now, I want to clarify something here.

When people say they want to lose excess weight, they mean excess body fat.

Because nobody wants to lose excess muscle weight. (That just doesn’t happen)

And no one wants to lose weight from chopping off a limb (though that is THE fastest way to lose weight haha)

Having clarified that, the fastest and easiest way to lose weight is to change your diet.

And the easiest way to change your diet is to switch what you are eating to Organic produce, pasture-raised organic meats, and raw dairy if you can handle dairy. (As I’ve said before, everyone is different, there is no one size fits all diet or exercise program.)

So, either you are going to agree with me, seeing how the organic food movement is growing everyday or may be saying to yourself, “I have seen studies that say that organic food is no better for me than conventionally raised foods.”

So let’s look at two of the most common reasons people might think organic is no better than conventionally raised foods.

The first reason might be that you think that there are no more vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in conventional food as compared to Organic food.

Just like you are what you eat, so is the same for your food.

If the soil that your produce is grown in lacks nutrients from not rotating crops, as well as pesticides and chemical fertilizers, then that lack of nutrients is going to be passed on to the food.

Now lets just say, for the sake of moving on in this post, that I am totally wrong with that point (I can back that stance up with loads of articles and studies to prove my point.)

The next reason that Organic food is better for you (and will help you lose weight FAST) is because they are not grown/raised with pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

One of the most common arguments against this point is that we can fight off the toxic effects because there is such as small amount of them present in the food.

Now, I would have to agree with you…Holly_Holm (2)

Until we put things into context.

Holly Holm just defeated UFC Champion Ronda Rousey this past weekend.

Lets say that you are Holly Holm and that Ronda Rousey is conventionally grown fruits and vegetables.

You are in great shape and can defeat one short-term attack from Ronda Rousey (For breakfast we’ll say Ronda is Strawberries.)

So you begin recovering from the “fight” with the strawberries and go about your day.

Until you come to lunch time.

You still haven’t recovered from your first fight.

Now you have to fight TWO Ronda Rouseys for lunch because you have a sandwich made from factory raised ham, and conventionally raised lettuce and tomato.

Ok, so now you have so many pesticides that your body is trying to detoxify, that you are pretty beat up and tired.

You would serve yourself well to take a rest from fighting (which is why fasting sometimes feels great for people, short-term), but now its time for dinner.

So dinner is a farm raised chicken breast, conventionally raised potato, and conventionally raised broccoli, followed by some of those cookies in nice bright packaging.

So now, you are fighting FOUR Ronda Rousey’s all at one time…

Not even the best in the world can successfully do that…

Repeat this every day for years and eventually you get sick and your body doesn’t let you put any more food in it (when you get that flu and you can’t eat for instance.)


Even if I am totally wrong about Organic produce being more nutritious, you cannot argue the fact that they have more toxins and the toxins all add up especially when they attack our detoxification pathways, our hormonal systems, and are carcinogenic (they are carcinogenic whether or not you live in California 😉 )

So, what does this all have to do with weight loss?

Chemicals and toxins are stored in your fat cells.

And your fat cells will grow to accommodate the amount of chemicals and toxins you intake.

It’s a vicious cycle.

A cycle that leads to illness, anxiety, and excess fat.

If you want to lose that fat start by cutting out all of the chemicals in your food.

Now this is only the beginning.

Once you switch to Organic, then you need to figure out what specific foods in what ratios are best for you as an individual. (This is why some people thrive on certain diets and other people feel worse on the exact same diet.)

If you would like One on One coaching to assess what foods to eat, when, and in what ratios, then fill out the form below for a Free Strategy Session where we will design a strategy to get you the body of your dreams.

You can do it!

You just need a bit of guidance to help get you there quickly and easily.

To Your Health…

Brian McKay

P.S. Holly Holm dominated that fight and deserved that win. However, I do think that Rousey will come back to reclaim the title but it may be a year or so. Just my opinion though, no science backing that up 😉

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